July, 2016 Edition

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Stunning emerald green

Warm Creek Bay a favorite for local boaters

Emerald green in every direction and with a water temperature true to its title, Warm Creek Bay is a favorite spot among locals and for good reason.
Located a few miles uplake from Antelope Point Marina, Warm Creek is a beautiful arm of Lake Powell located just across the Utah border.
You’ve probably seen the iconic spot without knowing it, as it’s the subject of many a photo from Alstrom Point. Alstrom, which overlooks the bay to the northwest, is a popular overlook for photographers to capture the lake in all its splendor.
House boaters and campers alike favor Warm Creek for its close proximity to both marinas and its plentiful beaches. Unlike the choppy channels and other narrow areas of Lake Powell, wide-open Warm Creek remains relatively placid despite its frequent traffic.
Jet skiers and water sport fans alike can often be seen zipping around throughout the day.
Anglers are also fond of the beaches and rockier areas of the northernmost part of the bay where hungry striped bass like to hang out away from the bustle.
Warm Creek is a short 15 to 20 minute boat ride from either Wahweap or Antelope Point marinas.
Just head south toward the dam from Wahweap and go east at the fork.
From Antelope, it’s simply head northeast until you get there.
You’ll know you’ve hit Warm Creek as the channel opens up and the waters smooth out into a mesmerizing green hue.
Perfect for a day trip on a boat or jet ski or a weeklong stay with a fleet of houseboats and family and friends, Warm Creek is the go-to spot for Pagites.